Federal Grants

Dear Parents and Community Members,
Imagine Great Western Academy receives federal grants to assist with local funding to educate our attending students. We are a school wide Title funded school so all students and families who attend our school can benefit from these grants. We do appreciate suggestions on these expenditures and any feedback on how we can add quality academic interventions to help our student population to grow academically.

The grants cover a wide range of areas in which they can be used and the monetary value is based on our student enrollment. This funding does not cover all expenses but is in addition to local funds. These also cannot be used to supplant any programs we already have that are being funded locally.

These are the Federal grants that Imagine Great Western Academy receives:

  1. TITLE I: These funds can be used for Instructional Salaries, Support Staff, Family and Community Development.
  2. TITLE IIA: These funds can be used for Teacher Development.
  3. TITLE III LEP: These funds are used for Instructional, Support and materials to educate students not proficient in the English Language.
  4. IDEA: By law, this money may be used for the education of students with disabilities ages 3-21.

The amount of funding is determined by the qualifying students in special education. This funding does not cover the expenses for all special education services, but significantly decreases the need for expenditures from the local funds.

Any suggestions can be sent to the principal at Imagine Great Western Academy by filling out the information below, or by calling (614) 276-1028. We thank you for any support you could lend in this endeavor.

Suggestions for Federal Grant Money Usage
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