Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Imagine Great Western Academy is updating the procedures for cell phones in school for this year. This does not alter the policy which is in the handbook. Below is the current policy, followed by the procedures now in place. The procedures are designed to prevent disruptions, increase student privacy, prevent theft from lockers and backpacks, and to ensure devices are at hand in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Examples of types of prohibited behavior involving electronic communication devices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Text messaging on or off School Property during School hours to or from a student on School Property;
  2. Sexting, which is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones or other electronic communication devices;
  3. Using digital cameras or camera phones to invade the privacy of others by transmitting unauthorized or derogatory photos or video clips to another person via email, to another camera phone or by posting it on the web;
  4. Using digital cameras, camera phones, or any other device to cheat on examination;
  5. Playing digital games; Using digital cameras, camera phones, or any other device to harass or bully
  6. Reposting (forwarding) personal communications without the author’s prior
  7. Copying commercial software in violation of copyright law. Using the network for financial gain, for commercial activity or for any illegal

K-3: Students are expected to keep their devices turned off and in their backpacks at all times.

4-8: Students are expected to place their devices in the classroom lockbox when they come into their home room. Phones do not go in lockers. They must be in the class lockbox. This is non-negotiable. The teacher will keep the box locked and distribute the phones back to the corresponding students at dismissal. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, the teacher will have all of the devices on hand which negates the need for students to go to their lockers. Students will have access to classroom phones in the event they must contact home.

If you have any questions regarding the policy or the procedures please contact a school administrator
and they will be happy to assist you.

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